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  1. Find your copy of the map:
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    • Paper copies of the brochure are available at 123 Princess Street at Verde Environmental Alternatives (view on Google Maps)
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  4. Enjoy!

PeaceQuest is grateful for the expertise of local Kingston historian, Peter Gower, whose contributions have helped to inform this project. His more extensive driving tour, Kingston During The Great War (2014), will be of further interest to those seeking to learn more about Kingston during this period (  Joanne Stanbridge of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library offered insights and, through the Home Town, Home Front project, contributed important personal stories of Kingstonians.  Both this and the Canadian Great War Project are useful resources to research the lives of individual Canadians who served in the Canadian military during World War I.  For a rich source of readings on this conflict, Tamra Tomson’s blog Great War 100 Reads is worth exploring.

PeaceQuest also acknowledges with gratitude the contributions of the following people whose involvement with this project made it possible:

Narrator – R. H. Thomson

Writer/Producer – Vicki Schmolka

Recording/Sound design/Editing – Jeremy Kerr

First recording – Graham Sheedy

Trumpet – Oscar Evans

Research – Leah Cox, Paul Cox

Brochure & Web Design – Jolene Cheryl Simko

Executive Producer – Bronek Korczynski

With assistance from: Ned Dickens, Matt Rogalsky, Jamie Swift, and the Harris Institute.

Photo Credits:  Gavin Anderson, Jolene C. Simko, and the archival assistance of Peter Gower.

A more extensive Works Cited list can be found at the end of the written text of the tour.

PeaceQuest has striven for accuracy in this work.  Please offer further information or insights to  PeaceQuest through the Contact Us page on our web site.

Thank you to Veterans Affairs Canada for their financial support.

Promo image for The World Remembers featuring a black and white image of soldiers and nurses from WWI

RH Thomson is also the producer of The World Remembers Project, which documented and organized the names of soldiers lost on all sides of the war. By creating timed projection displays which cycle through the names in the order in which they were lost, we are given an opportunity to begin to understand the scope of such loss.

Throughout 2014-2018 PeaceQuest has partnered with the Kingston Frontenac Public Library to bring The World Remembers to Kingston. For 2018, the display will commence mid-September and conclude November 11th.