Below are resources for students in grades 7 and 8:

  • NEW! War & Children – Two years in the making, War & Children was created by Judi Wyatt of PeaceQuest and Linda Dale of Children/Youth a Peacemakers. We are thrilled to  be able to share this resource with the world.
  • Peace One Day has a very rich collection of lessons.  Jeremy Gilley is the documentary film maker who spent years persuading the United Nations to adopt a fixed date for The  International Day of Peace: Sept. 21.  Every year there is a new focus.  Click on the links until you see the ages 11 – 18 document for either the U.S. or the English world; there you will find many lessons.
  • Project Peacemakers is an off-shoot of Project Ploughshares.  Learn about it here: Welcome to Project Peacemakers and find many useful lessons.  Here are two Project Peacemaker resources for this age group: Children and War Elementary School Kit and Children of War and Playing with Guns
  • Birds of a Feather is a play for puppets or children, sponsored by Project Ploughshares.  Read the introduction here: INTRODUCTION TO BIRDS OF A FEATHER and get the script here: Puppet Script
  •  Short Film: NeighboursIn this 1952 Oscar®-winning short film, Norman McLaren employs the principles normally used to put drawings or puppets into motion to animate live actors. The story is a parable about two people who come to blows over the possession of a flower. Clever, simple, and timeless!
  •  The Bugle and the Passing Bell – a CBC radio documentary series about WW1. You can download a summary PDF here, or visit CBC’s page.
  • Family Pastimes is a Canadian company in Perth, Ontario that makes cooperative games.  Peace in Our Time is a good, inexpensive game that takes about an hour to play and discuss.  Here is a description:   PEACE IN OUR TIME game description.
  • Go to The Art of Peace Camps for lots of activities and the inspiration to create a peace camp.  Down load the free booklet, “Waging Peace”.
  • Getting your class into community work? Perhaps you may want to guide them through the process of deciding which actions your community most needs using the Community Toolbox!
  • Hollerado, a fairly well known Canadian band made a video for the song “So it goes” about his family’s experience with compassion in WW2 Song and minivideo
  • Although written more than a decade ago, the  U.N. Manifesto for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence is worth studying.  Ask students to work in groups to suggest how each of these statements would look in practice: MANIFESTO 2000 FOR A CULTURE OF PEACE AND NON
  • The site  has many news articles and discussion questions that would interest intermediate students.  Here are some of the articles; check out the website for more:

Ban Cluster Bombs Elementary-Educator-Resources;   Bullying Elementary-Resources1;   Dadaab-Refugee-Elementary-Resources1;    Dallaire wants to prevent Child Soldiers Elementary-Resource-March-18-2013

Malala Nobel Prize candidate October-7-2013-Elementary-ER;    Nelson Mandela Elementary-Educator-Resources;    Sierra Leone War Crimes and Blood Diamonds Elementary-Resources1;

Syria’s War on Children-Nov.-11-2013;     Violence Against Women is Epidemic Elementary-Educator-Resources